Youth Food Bill of Rights

Rooted In Community Leadership Summit, 5th and MarketPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
    On July 29, 2011 Youth Leaders from all across the nation came together at the 13th annual Rooted In Community Leadership Summit to create a Youth Food Bill of Rights. The Dignity Dialogues that took place to create this declaration inspired us to envision a Healthy Food System and enact Youth Food Bill of Rights. We have faced discrimination based on the color of our skin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, disability, gender identity, socio-economic status. We envision a food system which will respect our identities while providing us equal access to these rights.We the youth are committed to these rights and believe that all people locally, nationally, and globally are entitled, regardless of , or any and all other forms of discrimination.
    We the Youth declare, state, and demand the following rights for all people around the world with an emphasis on equality.  We demand healthy, organic, local, humane, affordable, sustainable, and culturally appropriate food for all people and especially low income people of color and low income people in our communities that are the most oppressed and hurt by the current food system.
  1. We demand respect for mother earth, for the Food Justice and Food Sovereignty culture, and for the indigenous cultures that are working to establish their own autonomous food systems.  All must respect and protect the land that grows our food.
  2. We demand an end to the mistreatment of workers, farmers, animals, and the environment, that is caused by our current food system.
  3. We demand government funding for more nutrition education, and awareness in our communities, and for all communities.  Education on things such as, but not limited to, health, seasonal produce, and diet related diseases, farming, organic, sustainability, alternative methods of farming and any and all subjects that those communities demand.  People have the right to know what’s in their food, and to decide what to eat.
    We promote educating parents on nutrition and healthy lifestyles.
    Schools in our communities and all over the world must establish and be leaders with the tools and education that promote a healthy lifestyle. We recommend that schools recognize youth lead fitness programs as tools for success.
  4. We the youth demand more healthy food choices in our schools, and in schools all over the world.  We want vending machines out of schools unless they have healthy choices.  We need healthier school lunches that are implemented by schools with the ingredients decided on by the Youth. We demand composting in schools and in our neighborhoods.
  5. We the youth call for the termination of any and all Genetically Modified seeds, plants, and produce.  We want a policy from the governments all over the world that ends GMO’s, no exceptions.
  6.  We the youth absolutely don’t want any chemicals or pesticides in our food!
  7. We the Youth demand a ban on High Fructose Corn Syrup and other additives, and preservatives that are a detriment to our and our communities’ health.  This must be implemented by our government, and governments around the world.
  8. We demand food that is grown within a 100-mile radius of our homes. We don’t want food traveling thousands of miles using up fossil fuels to get to our homes.
  9. We the youth demand that everyone working in the food system must be treated with respect, treated fairly, and earn at the minimum, a just living wage. For all those that are working in the food system we demand a model like the Domestic Fair Trade Association to be implemented.
  10.  We demand the implementation of regulations from all governments and peoples on a global scale that prevent corporations from globalizing our food systems and our world as we recognize this as seriously costly to global and local human health. 
  11. We demand an end to the subsidy of cash crops, including corn and soy beans.  Rather than our tax dollars going to subsidies for industrial farming, we demand financial support for small organic farmers.
  12. We want a restructuring of the process of being certified organic and fair trade.  This must come from the people, and from grassroots movements across the world.
  13. We the youth demand that a policy be enacted allowing for unused land to be made available for communities to farm and garden organically and sustainably.
  14. We believe farmers and all people should have the freedom to save their seed.  Any law that prevents this should be reversed; no law shall ever be made to prevent seed saving.
  15. We demand an end to industrial farming, which accounts for one-third of the greenhouse gas emissions in the world. Tighter regulation and steps must be made that will decrease the amount of emissions every year.
  16. We demand more farmers’ markets instead of super markets.  The number of farmer’s markets must be increased every year until there are more farmers’ markets than super markets.
  17. We demand the continuation and respect of all cultural history and significance of food and agriculture.  We must work to restore, remember, and regain our food culture, practices, and traditions in farming.
  18. We want healthy options in corner stores while empowering the community to make better food choices.  We demand more jobs for youth to work with our communities to make this happen and help them control their food systems.
  19. We demand school assemblies to recruit more youth to promote food justice.  The continuation of the movement for Food Justice, Food Sovereignty and cultivation of future Youth leaders is necessary for feeding our youth, our nation and our world.
This is only the beginning step in many to come to make our visions, our dreams, and this bill a reality.  This is only the start of our movement.
8/1/2011 10:13:23 am

Oh MY GOD!! This is a truly amazing and inspiring document. Thank you everyone who made this.

I want to share it with all my friends.

I especially like the part about not crappy food in school, about us being able to take back unused land for farming and gardening, and also the part about preserving our cultures!

So. good.

9/13/2013 10:31:40 pm

I couldn't agree more... it really is awesome!

8/1/2011 02:11:44 pm

thank u for ur comments

9/15/2013 06:18:50 pm

yes me too

Eric Harman
8/3/2011 04:19:52 am


8/8/2011 11:55:08 am

This is very inspiring! I am so glad the youth today are spending time in order to make a difference for people. A powerful and thoughtful Bill of Rights.

8/31/2011 09:51:49 am

god bless up for such a great article. Keep fighting!we deserve to all have food without chemicals.

1/30/2012 08:33:43 am

This is so inspiring and absolutely amazing! The thought behind this is profound and so conscientious! Thank you for preparing this document and all the thought that went into it! I completely agree with every word, and I believe one day this can and will be implemented!

“The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.” -Winston Churchill

11/21/2013 12:03:19 am

Yes, I agree with you.
Encourage strong decision-making skills by providing youth with age-appropriate opportunities to make decisions and to experience the consequences of those decisions. Allow young people to make mistakes and encourage them to learn from those mistakes.

5/1/2012 09:28:49 pm

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8/14/2012 04:45:36 pm

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8/28/2012 05:47:16 pm

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8/28/2012 10:20:10 pm

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2/3/2013 05:10:19 pm

I really appreciate the thoughts of Youth that they have demanded the rights for low income people..

2/7/2013 11:20:08 am

Hey..There is no updates from your side since long time..I am eager to know about Youth Food Bill of Rights.

2/19/2013 02:30:21 pm

The Youth Food Bill of Rights is what YOUTH believe our food system should look like

3/21/2013 01:35:20 am

I am so much pleased to get this planning. I am looking ahead to read more about it. This is a very lovely post.

3/27/2013 04:33:54 pm

Food is one of our primary needs. No one can survive without food. But there is something that requires great attention! Is there enough productivity in the world for this generation and will there is enough for the coming generations? All our efforts should be considering the coming generations as well. It is good to see that many young people are taking care of these responsibilities.

5/14/2013 02:34:05 am

Food is one, if not the most, important things in every human life. I loved your site and work done in here.

7/8/2013 07:51:16 pm

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